Cooking with no microwave

I didn’t think I would experience culture shock until it happened. Turns out I have no hot water, a microwave, toaster oven or coffee maker. (I know what you are thinking…first world problems)

If any of you know me that well, you know that I cannot cook. My skills included placing things in the microwave and then taking them out. I am the girl that fucks up pasta. NOT ANYMORE! These past weeks have taught me a lot about fending for myself when it comes to food. I found myself cooking chicken, pasta and rice with ease. Soon I was adding vegetables (if you consider potatoes a healthily option).

If you really know me well, then you know my obsession and addiction to coffee. I am used to my personal Keurig, but I found myself heating up water in a tea kettle and pouring it over some instant coffee. At first I was pretty repulsed by the taste, but caffeine is caffeine I guess.

Also I have been pretty sick over the past days. This is when that tea kettle came in handy (to be honest I really might buy one here, they heat up the water in seconds and it stays hot for hours). I ended up going down town to try and get medicine. We walk into a “pharmacy,” only to find out that a “pharmacy” in Ireland does not sell meds. Instead it sells cosmetic and cleaning products. In Ireland they call “pharmacists” “chemists.” So I took a trip to the “chemist” and got some sedated. I am still not 100%, but I am doing a lot better.

On the bright side though, I bought a warmer coat, extra towels and an extra blanket to keep warm. Also I started to plan some side trips. The first one coming up is a day trip to Galway this Saturday. (There will be pics and blog post, don’t worry!) Next I will going to Belgium and Amsterdam in late February then over my Spring Break I will visiting Prague, Budapest and Croatia.

This week starts my first full week of classes and we have sign ups for clubs/societies tomorrow night. So much to do!


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