I am a certified Guinness pourer

Hello everyone! Again, lots to share!

I started this weekend in Limerick. I went with my amazing roommates (Shout out to Lizzy and Laura). We started the day near the Milk Market area and stopped into the cheese shop for some ginger tea and a hot cheese plate. The ginger tea was amazing and led to a hunt around the city to find ginger tea to make at home.

Then we walked around the market and looked at the vendors. We ended up going into more thrifty and vintage stores to try on clothes. I ended up buying a cheap plaid shirt, a grey sweater and a black vest for so cheap! This thrifting became the theme of the day. We hit up some of the various thrift stores around town. A special shout out to Lucky Lane, the thrift store we spent way too much time in, but it had awesome stuff! Apparently there are a bunch of thrift stores around Limerick. (So many that we got a map showing us all their locations…so next Friday?)

The hunt for the ginger tea continued! Eventually we went down a side alley and discovered a place called The Stormy Teacup. The place was adorable and their teas were incredible! (And yes they had ginger tea!) We decided to buy some tea to make at our house and sit and talk. We met a girl named Lydia from Limerick, who was currently studying in France, but visiting home for the weekend. She was very nice and ended up talking with us for two hours.

The Stormy Teacup
The Stormy Teacup

I then headed home, packed up my things and got on a bus to Dublin. Our program was going on a weekend trip. We arrived kind of late at night so we heading straight to the hostel and got ready. Then we headed out to Doyles. It is a bar on bottom and a dance club on top. Lots of great craic. After a 3am McFlurry run, it was time for bed.

Bright and early we woke up for a walking tour of Dublin. It was 2 hours in brutal wind and cold, but the city was gorgeous and has a rich history. We saw the many cathedrals, Dublin Castle and Trinity College.

Walking tour
Walking tour
Walking tour
Walking tour
My new best friend!
My new best friend!

After we went to see The Book of Kells (sorry not allowed to take photos of the book), but we did get to take pictures of the library at Trinity College. The inside is like Harry Potter. There are statue heads of famous writers and each row is filled with books all organized by subject and letter.


After a nice lunch we headed to the Guinness Storehouse. We rode on a double decker bus there and I decided to run up and down the lanes on the open top part. It was so cool to see the city from this view.

I'm on a bus
I’m on a bus

The Guinness Storehouse was AMAZING! We started at the bottom with a tour of how Guinness is made. Then you are taken to a room and given a tiny Guinness and taught how to properly drink it. (Since I was last in line, I got two free samples) Then we were taught how to properly pour Guinness and each got to pour our own glass. After you pour your glass, you can take it upstairs to the Gravity Bar, which offers amazing views of Dublin.

I am kind of a pro
I am kind of a pro

Then we headed to the hostel to get ready. I ended up getting Mexican food with Dillon. I cannot go on about how much I miss good Mexican food, especially Chipotle. This place was not bad, but still did not fulfill the hole in my heart. (I know, a bit dramatic, but I’ve gone 3 months without guac….they don’t have Cilantro here!) After we headed to a gay bar in town. There was karaoke. We were signed up to do a Pussycat Dolls song, but sadly it was over before we were called. Then we went to a night club called The Palace. There was music played by a DJ, but a girl with a saxophone (microphone attached to the sax) played and soloed over the music. She was badass!

The next day we started at Starbucks. I know again, this may sound dramatic, but I truly missed Starbucks. We have one on campus, but it just “proudly serves” Starbucks coffee. In reality it tastes nothing like it. I finally got my mocha and it has never tasted better. (I am sorry…I sound pretty basic right now).

Then after some walking around and shopping, we headed to a pub called The Hairy Lemmon. It was cute pub in Dublin that Dillon had been to before and suggested. (He did a good job) I got an Irish coffee and cottage pie. This was the BEST food I have had in Ireland so far! The owner was incredibly nice and funny and even had a Flyers poster up in the bar (Philly pride)!

Irish coffee...my two favorite ingredients in the world!
Irish coffee…my two favorite ingredients in the world!
bae...aka the Cottage Pie
bae…aka the Cottage Pie

Also at 3, there was a huge rugby game in Ireland. It was Ireland versus England. The two countries have a long and horrifying history. There is so much tension between the countries and this game was vital to many people. We joined in with the locals, cheering Ireland on. I did not know much about Rugby, but I started to pick up on the rules as I watched. I was surprised at how much I loved watching the game. Luckily Ireland won the match so now I get to watch more of them 🙂 GO IRELAND!

Then I got a bus home and I am now paying for my weekend of no sleep. This week is Charity week, meaning each night there are events and all the money goes to different charities. (Basically this means I will be getting no sleep again, but its all for a good cause)

Then as if I already was getting no sleep…I am leaving for POLAND on Thursday!! I am beyond excited!!


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