Spice up your life!

Hey everyone!

This week at school was Charity Week (Rag Week is what the cool kids call it). There are a bunch of events all week and all proceeds go to charity. What is crazy is that these events are going on during class and there are kids skipping class all day just to participate. (I guess it’s for charity, so the teachers can’t be too mad)

On Monday I went to 90s night at the bar on campus. A group of us headed out in plaid and scrunches to go dance all night to Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys (those are my two favs from the 90s). By some miracle I made it to my 9am class and gave a 15 minute presentation worth 15% of my grade…the things I will do to dance the night away to 90s music!

We are a 90s punk rock girl band called
We are a 90s punk rock girl band called “Britney and the Bitches”

On Tuesday I had a lot of classes (I was a great student this week compared to others because I went to all my classes) so I couldn’t participate in everything. There was a flip cup competition held at the other bar on campus. First of all, all the events served alcohol and were sponsored by the school. The school even provided puke buckets in the corners of the bar. (This was certainly a new experience) I was out after the first round sadly.

The girl roomies finally got a pic together!
The girl roomies finally got a pic together!

Then that night we headed to a bar downtown called Costello’s. It is a bar with beer pong and couches downstairs and a club upstairs. We played and chilled out all night. And may have eaten a cheeseburger at 3am.

Today was another long day of classes, so when I finally had a 4 hour break I headed back to the bar on campus. This time they were playing Battle Shots. (Again…school sponsored!) It is battleship, but instead you take shots when someone sinks your ship. Sadly this will be my last Charity week event, seeing as I need sleep to function.

Sorry that this post is kinda short, but I wanted to write about the start of my week now, so I could do a whole post about my weekend. I AM GOING TO POLAND TOMORROW!! So obviously more to come once I can get wifi on Monday! (Or I will probably be posting on Instagram)


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