Life As A Professional Intern

Okay, so the title was a joke. Legally, I can’t disclose any of the information from my internships.

Sadly my life is not too interesting outside of work. I go to the dinning hall, walk around Washington Square Park and attempt to sleep. With this in mind, I will try to make it as interesting as possible.

Last weekend I headed home to see Dave Matthews Band with my dad, uncles and their work friends. It was an incredible night, which was of course followed by a full Jewish deli lunch from Famous in Philly! Do not be disturbed, but we ate all the food on the table!

Breakfast is the best meal of the day!
Breakfast is the best meal of the day!
Dave Matthews Band!!
Dave Matthews Band!!

On Tuesday I saw Me, Earl and The Dying Girl. It was AMAZING! I laughed, I cried (but for real…in that order). What aggravated me was when a girl was ripping the ticket to let me into the theater part. She did not even look at the stub. Instead she laughed, “Magic Mike? Theater 4” Maybe it was my blonde curls and baby face, but I was like “did you look at the ticket?” I was kinda offended. I do not know why it hurt so much. I guess replying madly saying “Me, Earl and The Dying Girl” sounded depressing, so I kindly smiled and just found the theater on my own.

Forgot to add it in, but when we returned, Greenwich Village was still skittle bombed, or covered in rainbows! The Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden were light up rainbow!

Madison Square Garden in rainbow :)
Madison Square Garden in rainbow 🙂

On Wednesday I headed to a networking mixer on a boat. (ON A BOAT) It was right on the Hudson where you can see the outline of Jersey City over the water. I felt so high class sipping gin and tonic on a smaller boat attached to the bigger boat restaurant/bar. Anyways, I got to meet some awesome people and weirdly ran into my fellow interns. I bonded with another girl named Mikayla Larosa and she also has an awesome blog you should check out! (Just go to this link:

We are being adult and networking!
We are being adult and networking!

For the Fourth of July I headed to my grandparents place in Ventnor, NJ. It was great to catch up with family. It is weird to think that I can take a bus home at any point. This is the closest I have ever been to my original home in Philly. Since I have found home in Alabama, Los Angeles, Ireland and now New York. Through all of it, you learn that buses are awful! If the wifi works on the bus, you found yourself a keeper!

At least buses can give us the perfect view and Instagram photos!
At least buses can give us the perfect view and Instagram photos!

I headed back to New York for the new work week. Since it was an ordinary Monday…nothing much happened. I did have a long lunch break. These always scare me because I leave the office to scan the streets. I feel overwhelmed. There are way too much choices and I am way too indecisive. I usually duck into Panera as a safe bet and get Mac and Cheese, because I am 5 years old.

Today I decided to venture out. Also I am on a tight budget and trying to eat healthier. I ended up with a yogurt with honey and pomegranate seeds. Only problem is that the yogurt was in a container fit for a baby’s meal. I scanned the shelves, grabbed an apple, a bag of seed mix and a small popcorn bag. The lady at checkout looked at my array of snacks in confusion.

It was at this moment that I felt like a bird. I mean I was eating from a small bag of seed mix. How I got to this point? I still don’t know. (It did have chocolate chips in it, so maybe it was that) I think seed mixes are underrated. During my study abroad adventures, we started buying huge bags of them. First of all, they are so cheap. Second, they are full of protein. Third, you can eat them plain or put them in some yogurt. Don’t forget you can always add chocolate chips if you are feeling like a high spender.

I ruined the entire lunch by gorging on pizza and fries for dinner and spent the extra money on a dress. I am an adult.

After Me, Earl and The Dying Girl, we had to get on this photo op with the minions!
After Me, Earl and The Dying Girl, we had to get on this photo op with the minions!

Well if you are not already bored by my seed story, you can get ready for further stories once I go and live an eventful week in NY. This week I have a friend from Alabama visiting and my room mate from LA sleeping over. Also, my mom is coming for a couple days!

Until next time, enjoy my creative snap chat (Get it, because I don’t have any room mates)!


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