Got A Flat Pancake, Call It A Crepe

Hello everyone! I’m here to tell you about all my adventures this past week/weekend in New York.

The biggest news in my life is that I am on a diet. First of all, before I get any hate on here, I am not trying to lose weight!! One of my pet peeves is people saying verbatim, “Bonnie, you’re so skinny, why are you eating like this?” This diet is for health purposes that have to due with medications and other types of problems. (I am fine by the way so do not worry)

My doctor wants me to cut out added sugars, extra carbohydrates and a lot of dairy. If anybody knows me well, you know I LOVE 3 things: chocolate, beer/bread (yes it is a shared category for me) and cheese. All of these things, I cannot have for at least the next 3 weeks. Also, I really need to cut down on them in general. All said and done, it is a hard feat when you have no kitchen or microwave. Back to the bird seeds it is. I have hummus, salads, fruits and if I get lucky, some grilled chicken from the dining hall. (I will be cheating this weekend by going to the Big Gay Ice Cream and devouring a cone…worth it)

On Wednesday I met up with a friend to see an improv show. On Mondays and Wednesdays at Peoples Improv Theater, there are free shows. During breaks and before the shows you can head to their bar upstairs and even bring a beer into the show if you want. They do offer classes and I think if I was staying for more than just a couple weeks, I would have done some. (Fun fact: I have always wanted to try improv)

If only I had the time and money!
If only I had the time and money!

Then on Thursday after work I headed to Grey Dog Cafe. It is right next to my dorm and open till 11:30pm. I wanted to spend some time writing down new ideas from this summer. The inside was decorated with lights and antiquated furniture, but the vibe was just not right. (This was no Stormy Teacup from Limerick) The search for the perfect writing cafe continues!

Grey Dog writing session
Grey Dog writing session

On Friday, my sister had a friend from Grad school come to visit and we showed her around town. First we headed to Inwood Park, which is on the tip of Manhattan if you take the A train to the last stop. The park is really cool, filled with levels of overlapping trees. It was crazy to think you were in Manhattan as you walked around. I hope to go back and actually hike here, but we were not prepared and had so many other things on the schedule.

Inwood Park!
Inwood Park!

Next we looked around Columbia’s campus. It is gorgeous! After, we went to the Museum of Moving Image, located in Queens.

Before the museum, we went to an amazing Greek restaurant called Aliada. Astoria, Queens is known for their Greek food, and this went beyond expectations!

The museum is actually free to everybody on Friday’s after 4:00pm. It gives a history of moving image starting with the first ever cameras to the modern day special effects. There was everything from makeup kits, face masks, and costumes.

Museum of Moving Image in Queens
Museum of Moving Image in Queens
RCA Color Broadcast Camera - The first camera commercially produced for color television. It was the industry standard for 15 years.
RCA Color Broadcast Camera – The first camera commercially produced for color television. It was the industry standard for 15 years.
Six-plate Flatbed Editing Console (Kicking it old school)
Six-plate Flatbed Editing Console (Kicking it old school)

A cool area of the museum screens, “The Great Train Robbery,” which was the first film narrative. It used many innovations for it’s time in 1903, such as camera movement and jump-cuts and crosscuts. It plays on a loop. Another area of the museum, lets you listen to full soundtracks of films and search by specific composers.

One really fun part was the video game area of the museum. (This is where I felt pretty old) There were old style arcade games such as the original Donkey Kong and Galaxian. I was obsessed with Galaxian as a child at summer camp and I would play all the time. The museum lets you play the games (for a small fee of course) if you want. Turns out I am not so good at Galaxian anymore.


Each month or so, they change out the top exhibit. This one focused on Mad Men. It had original notes taken down from Matthew Weiner’s journal as he was coming up with the ideas for the show, as well as original copies of scripts. One cool part was a remake of the writer’s room. They had a picture of the real writer’s room and then the replica right in front of you. Also, they have remakes of specific sets you can walk around as well as notable costumes and props from the show.

That looks excatly like the writer's room from Mad Men
That looks excatly like the writer’s room from Mad Men

Next we headed to a little Italian place to grab wine and snacks. There was a garden area, but we saw a mouse and decided to eat inside. (That’s New York for you)

On Saturday it was down pouring so we woke up late and headed to Brooklyn Bagel Company. These are the best bagels I have tried in New York thus far! (Anyone who has not tried a bagel from New York, you have no say)

Then we got tickets to see “Something Rotten” on broadway. There is this amazing app called “Today Tix” that gives you the leftover seats for cheaper prices. You might not get the best seats in the house, but you still get to see the show on Broadway. “Something Rotten,” was hilarious and if you are looking for a good laugh and cheaper show, It was really good! One of my favorite quotes from the show included, “got a flat pancake, call it a crepe.” (I hope you can also find inspiration from this quote)

Something Rotten at St. James theater on Broadway
Something Rotten at St. James theater on Broadway

After the show we headed to our favorite Italian restaurant near our apartment. As always, the food was great!! Sadly the next day, my sister and I’s friend had to leave to go back to Boston. She actually just found out she will be spending the next year or maybe two teaching English in China, so best of luck to her!

Sunday was ridiculously hot outside. We walked outside to take care of a couple errands and found the whole day so draining. We figured the best solution was to see a movie in an air conditioned theater. I also really wanted to see Trainwreck. I was little upset because when I tried to buy my ticket, the lady asked for my ID, meaning she didn’t think I was over 17. I was quite offended to be honest! Anyways, the movie was great! I loved it!

Then we headed back to do our usual Sunday routine: laundry, shower and watch Netflix. The only problem was the heat. As I have mentioned plenty of times, we do not have AC. My room was hotter inside than it was outside. My snapchat tells me that my room reached 87 degrees at one point (I don’t know if Snapchat is the most reliable measurement).


The room is livable is you are sitting still having the fan blow 5 inches from your face. The problem is when you start moving around. (I have to move around at some point to get ready for work) To deal, I have started carrying around my fan like an IV. It goes everywhere with me. I place it outside the bathroom door, closet door and under my desk. If someone caught the act on camera, I would probably look like a crazy person, but I just don’t want to die of heat stroke in my own room.

Anyways, I am now back into my work week. I am not allowed to discuss my internships, but I am allowed to give a shout out to the amazing interns I work next to on a daily basis.

First of all, at Viacom, here is a shout out to the Intern Closet (you know who you are) and all the others on floor 38 who have made me smile everyday! (Maybe we will get a picture sometime, so I can post them on here…I swear I have friends!)

When you are such a good intern that you match the walls!
When you are such a good intern that you match the walls!

Second, shout out to the other interns at Back Roads that I work with. Going back to my last blog post about the 9/11 memorial, one of the other interns at Back Roads said he read my blog and told me about his experience on 9/11. His town was hit pretty hard with a tremendous amount of loss. He sent me this article that was written about his town and if you are interested here is the link:

That day has affected so many people and it is hard to even imagine some of the terrors people went through who live and work in the city. Everyone has a story!

Yesterday I had the chance to have dinner with a relative, Tina, who lives in New York. It was so wonderful to meet up and talk with family while living out here. Tina lives in Greenwich Village and could have given us an entire walking tour and more of this part of town. Greenwich Village is actually a historic landmark. Many famous writers and artists have lived on these streets. (If you are interested, just look up the history of Greenwich Village)

This coming weekend my boyfriend Dillon is visiting and I am beyond excited! (I think it’s been 3 months long distance) We are seeing a standup comedy show, checking out Governor’s Island and even taking a tour of the Museum of Sex.

Until then…remember to smile!


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