The Final Countdown

Well if you are looking for a way to procrastinate studying for finals and you have already completed all the Buzzfeed quizzes today, then I guess you can read my blog.

It has been a good bit since I wrote one of these, so here is what’s going on in my life.

Since I had an important doctors appointment in New York City scheduled for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I got to re-live my extreme study abroad travel days, where I ran around a giant city with my luggage all day. On this excursion, I took every mode of transportation (except boat) in one day. How you ask? Well it started with a 3 hour drive to Atlanta airport (car). Next, I took a plane to LGA (airplane). After, I took a bus to get to the subway entrance (bus). Then, I took the subway to Grand Central (train). Lastly, I wandered around New York (walking). Oh yeah and then I took a bus again to get back to Philly (bus again).

My luggage was too big to fit through the subway turnstile so it got stuck mid way.  As I struggled with my luggage nobody seemed to care or help. (typical New York) After a minute of intense pushing, a homeless man stopped and helped me get my bag through and told me to have a lovely day. I hope wherever you may be homeless guy, that you as well are having a lovely day!

So there I was in Washington Square Park, with no winter coat, holding all my luggage and eating a slice of artichoke pizza. I really regret not bringing a coat. The doctors appointment was at 4:00pm, but my bus did not leave for Philly until 8:00pm. I figured I would spend my extra time doing all my favorite NY things from this summer. I got my favorite pizza, sat in my favorite park and got my favorite coffee. I was really impressed with myself, because I did not have to look up directions for any of the public transportation while I was there. I guess I still remembered most of it from going on intern runs this summer.

My favorite coffee
My favorite NY pizza

Exhausted, I made it back to Philly around 11:00pm.

After a short break, it was back to school to take finals. I always hated how short Thanksgiving break is, especially for us out-of-state students who have to use two of those days off for travel purposes.

When I returned, I went to my last DG Tacky Christmas party. I am really starting to get sentimental about all these things lately. I wore a tacky Hanukkah vest because I am cool like that.

The best thing that has happened in the past few weeks was the SEC Championship in Atlanta. First of all, if you do not know, Alabama beat Florida and won back to back SEC championships. This means we are going to the college football playoffs. I got the pleasure of attending the game.

We decided to stay at a motel on Friday night, so we could wake up early to stand in line for tickets. (Remember it is a 3 hours drive to Atlanta people) In a last minute decision, we booked rooms at a Motel 6. I think the police circling the parking lot every hour should have been the first red flag that this motel was a bit sketchy. It was not util a man creepily grinned at me as I fumbled with the hotel room card to open the door, that I was truly scared. I did what any girl alone in a hotel room would do; lock the door, close all the curtains, dead bolt the door and prepare my dying wishes. (Okay not that extreme) I just watched some Masterchef Junior until I passed out.

Well the sketchy motel payed off because we were able to secure 9th row seats at the Georgia Dome for the game. We then went to a giant room, which was set up with games, food, and booths. It was called “fan fare.” We did most of the games, such as kicking a field goal and throwing a ball into a tire 20 yards away. Again, I proved to myself that I am not good at sports that don’t involve a racquet.

Much fare, very fan

We then entered the game. The experience was incredible! It was amazing to see so many fans and to cheer on the tide with that much energy. I think my age is really starting to creep up on me. At Alabama, the student section never sits down (unless its half time or a very long time-out/commercial break). My freshman year, I could have stood up cheering all day. Now, only a quarter into games, my back starts to hurt and I dream about watching on a comfy couch, but I still stand there for the tide!


We won the game and confetti fell from the ceiling. Saban (all hail Saban) held up the trophy and the crowd erupted in Rammer Jammer as well as the fight song. It was really just an amazing feeling to be part of such a crowd! ROLL TIDE!

Now, I am back to reality and finals. Only one more final left and then I am free. I guess writing this blog post might have actually been my way version of procrastination.

How I feel every finals week

Until next time, enjoy this advertisement I saw on the subway.

Make your grandmother proud!

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