Do I Have to Graduate?

Well last night I attended my last ever college class. Yes, I still have finals, but it was my last time sitting and learning in an actual classroom at Alabama. At first I was excited, seeing as I was about to have a break after a long and hard semester, but yesterday I felt so sad.

I looked around at all these people in my class, realizing I will probably never see them again. Now every time I see somebody on campus, I can’t help thinking the same thing. There are people I see everyday, but now I can’t help thinking about those people who I happen to run into every once and awhile. I am never sure whether to say goodbye, or wish them good luck on their life endeavors.

I guess I keep imagining that this is like every other year, where I move my stuff to storage, run off to some city for an internship and then come back the next year into my new apartment. Maybe it will truly hit me in August, when I can no longer make the 14 hour trek down to start classes.

I really hate goodbyes and endings. People keep trying to tell me the same corny phrases, “this is the beginning of a new chapter,” “all good things must come to an end,” and “you have so many great things ahead.” Frankly, I am sick of hearing them. I am sad about leaving and that is it.

Also, if you have been on Facebook lately, you may also feel awful about your life after college. Everyone is posting about their new jobs or masters programs. Then there is me, reciting Parks and Rec quotes while enjoying puppy videos.

When you are still unemployed and it literally rains on your parade

You might be asking yourself, well Bonnie what are your plans after graduation then unless you plan on re watching Parks and Rec again?

And here they are:

  1. Next Monday, I will drive back to Philly with my dad.
  2. On May 18th I will be traveling to Israel on the Birthright trip.
  3. I decided to extend my trip till June 6th. My friend Risa and I will be going to Athens, Mykonos and a couple other cities in Israel.
  4. I will be getting surgery on June 24th in NYC.
  5. I will not be off bed rest until mid-August. During this time I will be applying for jobs with winter start dates.
    1. There is a 90% chance that I will re watch Parks and Rec.
    2. I am hoping to write a lot during bed rest.
  6. The next 2-3 months, I will be in physical therapy.
    1. I will most likely pick a week in September or October to go down for an Alabama football game and visit friends.
  7. Hopefully by November/December I will have a job that I can boast about in a future blog post.

For my last week at Alabama, I will be finishing filming my short film this weekend. We purchased 7 tickets for an Amtrak train from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham and are preparing to shoot on the moving train. Then we will begin editing and hopefully soon, I can share the final product with you.

On set photos

Other than some finals, I will be attending my final Wine Wednesday and Houndstooth Bingo.

Also, I have been to so many “final” social gatherings and ceremonies, so I felt it necessary to post some pics!

DG Senior Night


Sig Bust with the girls
DG Graduation Photos
Song of the South date party
Those TCF red caps (4.0 GPA)…we are kinda smart!

Until next time, please enjoy this photo of my room mate hoisting me onto the Alabama sign to get that perfect picture. It is a lot higher than it looks, especially in a robe and wedges.


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