The First Two Weeks of Adulting

As you may know from my previous blogs, I have made the leap and moved to Los Angeles with no place to live and no job. With a logline like that I guess I can tell you about how the first two weeks are going.

My room mate had been out a week prior to me searching for a place. By the time I arrived with my dad, we were able to review her favorites and then choose from there. By my second day here, we decided on a place in Culver City/Westchester (southwest of LA and closer to the beach). What I found so shocking is that most places did not include a fridge and or stove. I understand those are not things that are always included, but for the amount they were asking for rent??

We got the keys!

The next step was to set up utilities. First was the power, which was fairly easy. It just required a trip to the LA Department of Power and Water and a very long wait time with no place to sit. The internet was also fairly easy. The biggest problem was SoCal Gas. When I called the person on the phone told me that they could not turn out gas on for a week. This would mean we could not use our stove or hot water until they arrived. After some choice words, we had the date moved up, but not by that much. It was back to my days in Ireland with cold showers (except no immersion).

Our place also had no furniture. Yes, it was the return of the air mattress (still the best investment I have ever made). My room mate and I headed all over town, searching through thrift shops for kitchen and living room furniture. By the last stop, a man in charge of a thrift shop, offered to sell us a table, desk and couch for a reasonable price. He also offered to drive it all in his truck to our house. We could not say no! The guy also offered my dad a job because he was such a good helper. Meanwhile, I am still unemployed.

Such a good helper!

Our living room now features a blue plush chair, an ottoman (if you put pillows behind its like a cheap couch), a kitchen table and two chairs (one was a gift from our landlord and the other is my desk chair, which we use so that two people can sit at the kitchen table). Hopefully after we get some income, we can afford more chairs and maybe even a couch!

While my dad was here, we were able to do some fun things in between unpacking and setting up utilities. We went to the Professional Drum Shop (where my dad spent most of his days back in the 80s) as well as the DW Drum factory. We also found an amazing dinner near my apartment that we went to multiple times.

For the past weeks I have been applying to jobs non-stop. I wish I could give you more updates on the job front, but it is pretty stagnant. Since you cannot apply to jobs all day long, I have tried to go out and explore the area, but it becomes very hard when you have no income. Even parking at the beach is $20.

I was able to do some exploring, such as walking around downtown Culver City, hiking up the Baldwin Hills and Malibu. I have gone to the beach and searched some happy hour specials. We found a local brewery. I am never scared of getting bored here in Los Angeles.

In all my spare time, I spent an entire day at the DMV switching over my PA license. I know it is not necessary to change it over, but it was about to expire and I did not think I was going to be back in PA in time to renew. They do not make the process easy. Waiting at the DMV is like watching paint dry, or being forced to listen to Nickelback on repeat. After 6 hours and a 30 question multiple choice test, my new CA license comes in the mail in 2 weeks.

Sadly I must go back to the DMV to handle my license plate and car registration, but that is future Bonnie’s problem as of now!

I know us millennials use the term “adulting” all the time. You must remember in college that we learned the parts of a cell and not how to properly cook a meal or balance a checkbook. I feel slightly accomplished when finishing an adult activity, for instance like opening a checking and savings account in my name. Wow what a rush!

Now it’s time to enjoy the holiday and then continue on the job search.  Until then please enjoy this photo about diarrhea that was on an apartment complex we toured.

Curious about what happened in order for them to put this sign up

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