Patience Iago

Most of you know the iconic quote, “patience Iago,” from the Disney classic Aladdin. Just when Iago thinks they cannot get a hold of the lamp, Jafar reminds him to be patient. I remember my parents quoting the line every time my sister and I would be inpatient children growing up (and still today). Although I am not searching for a magical lamp, patience has turned out to be a huge part of my move to LA.

With most job applications, the process seems to take forever. Sure you may send in an application and hear back for an interview, but that interview isn’t until the next week. Then they call you back for a second interview for the next week, and all you can do is constantly refresh your emails knowing full and well you may not even get the position.

I was not moving to LA with the intention of finding a job even within the first month. I consider myself to have some patience, but certainly this process will test your limits. Also the rent is due August 1st, so that really puts a fire under my butt.

I spent every waking moment checking my phone/computer and refreshing job posting sites. Then once it was night time, I would scour the internet for more links. I decided that maybe it was time to take a break, so today I went to a yoga class.

You know those moments where you meet a stranger and they just say something you really needed to hear? Well if not, that is what happened to me today. All it took was the yoga instructor telling me to be patient and lets things work themselves out. I know this sounds simple, but I was so worked up in having to find a job right away that I forgot to take some time for myself. I moved to a whole new city just three weeks ago and that in itself is a lot to handle.

For me, this meant realizing that there are so many things I cannot control. I can continue to try my best and continue doing what I love. Luckily I picked a career path that is free to do on your own (although my need to drink coffee while writing is not free). All I can do is continue doing everything I am doing and just be patient.

Other than the job search, I have been keeping myself busy doing the things I love. First off, I signed up for sketch comedy writing class at the Upright Citizens Brigade. It is a famous theater for sketch comedy, improv and stand-up in LA and NY. I had my first class this past Sunday and it was great.

Last week I had the opportunity to bartend for the Outfest Film Festival at the opening night gala. It was exciting to bartend again after 3 years. Plus, all the vendors were generous in their free samples. (I guess that is what happens when you are making drinks for them at an open bar)

Return of Bonnie the Bartender

I have also been making trips to the Writer’s Guild Library. Did you know it is free to go and use? You can go in and read any TV or film script. Even if you are not a writer, it is an amazing place to check out.

There is a local farmers market in Culver City every Tuesday
Luc Besson double feature and Q&A – the best part about living in LA is getting to attend these kinds of events!

Also, I tried going to one of those meet-up groups. At first I was a bit scared it might be really awkward, but it actually turned out to be really fun. I will definitely go to another one of their events, or try some other ones.

Until next time, please enjoy this photo of the Ghostbusters car from the Sony lot (I may or may not be temping there for a bit)…

Who you gonna call?

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  1. Hey Bonnie , hopefully others will learn from your journey and confirmation that things are not in your control and patience is required in all things. However I beleive patience without effort towards a goal will not result in success.


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