Entry- Level

I have officially lived in LA now for over a month, but I swear it only feels like a couple days. Technically I am now a California resident (I have my new license ID, license plates and angry DMV tweets to prove it).

I have been told that my blog posts are getting shorter, but I believe that I am just getting busier. I feel like in a matter of one week, my schedule became a packed tight, no free time bundle of chaos.

For starters, I started a long-term temp job at Deluxe Entertainment. I am the front desk/receptionist at the Culver City location. It is great because my commute is super short (15 minute commute in LA is pretty awesome), but also it is located on the Sony Pictures Lot. My favorite part about working on the lot is waving at tour groups as they walk down main street. I like to pretend I’m a celebrity, although I think my temp badge gives it away.

The Sony lot has this awesome rainbow

The Sony lot also has cool lunch/social events. During the summer on Wednesdays there is an employee BBQ. Also there is a great taco truck that comes on Fridays. Rumor has it that there is an employee happy hour on Thursdays, but I will have to check for myself this week.

Right outside my desk

Along with working Monday-Friday, I have signed up to do freelance events for a catering company to make some extra money. As you can start to see my schedule is filling up quick.

On top of all this, I am still taking sketch comedy writing classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Each week we have an assignment due. This is great because it forces me to write every week (I guess this blog does too). Writing is a muscle and even with the weekly writing assignments, it is important to continue working on other personal projects as well.

Surprisingly I find time to do some fun things outside of work. This past week I was able to go to a live taping of Tosh.0. If you caught last Tuesday’s episode, please look for me in the front row.

On Saturday I had my first catering event, which was a wedding in Santa Monica. I was pretty exhausted from working full time, taking classes and dealing with switching over my car registration (it is a lot harder than I thought it would be). As I left the wedding, my white button down covered in guacamole, my black tie barely keeping shape, I realized I forgot where I parked. Usually I forget, but then realize once I get my bearings. Instead, I wondered around in the heat for an hour walking up every side street searching for this car. It was in that moment that I realized I needed some sleep and to maybe take a deep breath. Do not worry, I found the car, but after an hour of searching, I may have even shed a tear.

After a much needed nap and shower, I was ready to enjoy the night. My room mate has some friends in town. We went to a bar called Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. It is a speakeasy, where you have to enter through a fridge.

It was a “chill” night

Sunday morning, a bunch of Alabama alumni ate brunch at Mama Shelter. It is a rooftop bar located in Hollywood. There are couches to lounge and views of the Hollywood sign. I may have been badly burnt, because I forgot that rooftops have direct sunlight.

Bad and boujee

Also I of course watched this episode of Game of Thrones. If you want to chat about theories, let me know!

Only after one month, I have started such an amazing journey out west. There have definitely been ups and downs. One day you are having an emotional breakdown searching for your car and the next you are entering a bar through a fridge. I am so happy I have taken this risk though. I may only be entry-level for now, but every path has to start somewhere. You may not even know you are on a path until you look back.

Until next time, please enjoy this photo of the elevator up to the roof top bar…

This is the ride

2 responses to “Entry- Level”

  1. Wendy Goldberg Avatar
    Wendy Goldberg

    Yay Bon! Love the sketch comedy writing class! I want to do a writing class. Love following your adventures…xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendy! You should definitely do a writing class. It has been so much fun! 🙂


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