Yes I Only Have $2.00 Today

I realize I have been slacking on my blog posts, but I have just been so busy the past weeks. So, here goes the next one:

This past week while eating lunch outside at Sony, I left my purse on a chair. I did not realize I had left my purse there until an hour later when facilities contacted me about a missing purse with my ID inside. Of course I was so thankful and a bit nervous that I did not even notice my purse was missing. They returned the purse to the front desk where I work. The security guard asked me to check the wallet because it looks as if some cash was stollen. She made note that there was only $2.00 in the wallet. I had to look her dead in the face and explain that at this point in time I only had $2.00 period. So that is how life is going.

Do not worry, that was the day all my bills were due and my pay check was late due to the holiday. I promise I have enough money to live…kinda.

They loved our matching brunch shirts so much that they gave us free drinks!

This week has been filled with crazy overtime hours as well as a working Saturday. On top of this my last sketch comedy writing class is this Sunday. My UCLA screenwriting classes start the first week in October. I feel like I have not even had a second to breathe other than last night when I finally caught up on Bachelor in Paradise (go ahead and judge me).

Other than working and doing writing assignments, my life is not too interesting. I was able to go to the Alabama bar for the first football game. The bar had Gallettes cups with yellowhammers as well as Dreamland BBQ sauce. For all the people that don’t know what I am talking about, Gallettes is a famous Alabama bar on the strip that serves a famous drink known as yellowhammer in yellow plastic cups that you can take home. It was incredible to be surrounded by Alabama fans again. Back in Philadelphia, my mom and I would be the only ones cheering on the Tide, while everyone around us was rooting against them.

Wyclef did a free show during Sony happy hour

I also tried my first escape room, which we completed with 10 minutes to spare (yeah I’m kinda a big deal). They are super fun if you like puzzles. I am a total nerd who loves puzzles (well especially Sudoku).

Last week I attended one of the sketch comedy shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater. As a student, we can attend certain events for free. Usually it is sketch comedy, but in an amazing surprise turn of event, it was a puppet musical. The musical was about four friends who move to LA in hopes of making it in the entertainment industry, but of course learn the harsh realities of LA quickly. It may have hit a bit too close to home at times.

In a week it will have been three months since I have moved to LA. Some days it feels like I have been here for years and other it still feels like my first week. I think these moves have just become second nature to me. Over the past 5 years alone, I have lived in 6 different cities, each time starting over.

When you work on Saturday, you can get awesome pictures of the lot with no one else in them

I have realized this is a pattern for our generation. Maybe it is just me who sees it, but most of my friends have scattered across the US for either jobs or school. It seems we are all just continuous nomads. Sure moving and finding your bearings in a new place can be hard, but I think the most challenging thing is starting relationships over. It is hard enough to make friends again in a whole new city, but it keeps getting harder once I have to leave a place, where I am already established. Life has a crazy way of moving you from place to place, so I guess I will have to see how long this journey will continue.

In other news, I purchased a flight home for Thanksgiving weekend. Sure I arrive in Philadelphia at 5:00am on Thursday, but at least I get to see some family and maybe attend my high school reunion on that Friday.

I understand this blog is short, but I just wanted to give some updates in the little free time I could find. Until next time please enjoy this photo of the biggest fire to ever hit LA from last weekend. This is fine. We are all going to be fine. Global warming can’t be real with all this proof.

Yes the hill is on fire

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