Today I Deflated My Air Mattress (this is also a Patriots joke)

Sorry for not writing any blog posts in the past couple months. I have been a tad busy, starting a new full time job, continuing night classes and trying to maintain everyday life things such as eating and showering. To start, let me give some updates.

First of all, I started a new job in November at Encore Hollywood as a production assistant. We do post production for multiple TV shows. If you want to know more, check out the company’s website:
Second, I am now on my second semester at UCLA for the professional program. Last semester we finished our spec scripts. For those who might not know spec scripts are episodes you write for an existing TV shows, as if you were a writer on their staff. I did my spec for “The Mick,” which I know still needs lots of editing, but it was a great learning experience.
This semester we are doing original TV pilots. I have decided to do a dramedy about female health and sexuality. If you know me or read any of my previous blogs, this would come as no surprise. It is always exciting to write about something you are passionate about and is personal to you, so here goes nothing.
On that note, I attended the women’s march here in Los Angeles. It was like the Philly one, except they had a ton of celebrities giving speeches and musical performances. The march as always, gave me inspiration, especially when it came to outlining my TV pilot for class.

Looking like a feminist Hey Arnold character
I am realizing now that it has been months since my last post, so it may be hard to squeeze every detail in, but I will try. Before Christmas, I took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Fun fact, the park does not have a single “Joshua tree,” but multiple “Joshua trees,” in every direction. I don’t know why, but this was news to me. Of course the one day we decide to go to the desert, it was 40 degrees and raining. Luckily the hikes were beautiful and the hole-in-the-wall diner we ate at had great comfort food.

You can really see those Joshua trees…and my car Bonsai
Yes there is water in the desert
It is hard to believe that I only moved to LA 7 months ago with no job, or place to live and at the time no idea I would get into the program at UCLA. It sometimes does not hit me till I am driving to work down La Brea and notice the Hollywood sign in the far off mountains. (except I guess they are not too far off)
Now, the big news of the week is that I finally have a mattress. On Saturday, a co-worker was generous enough to give me an extra. For those of you who do not read my prior blogs, I have been sleeping on an air mattress since senior year of college. At the time it made sense since I was moving around so much. Now as I deal with my third case of whiplash, (minor accident, not my fault, literally someone tapped my bumper just hard enough to whip my neck) I decided that maybe it was time to give my neck and back the support it deserves. (I also have terrible scoliosis)

At first I thought it would be simple. You go and pick out a bed frame and place the mattress on top…oh boy was I wrong. First of all, if you think you can remember everything in one IKEA trip, then you are mistaken. You will need to go multiple times. Second, you also need a support bar and stacks for the bed. Also, if you like to sleep high up like myself, then you have to purchase a box spring. Then on top of all this (puns intended) you need a mattress protector, sheets, comforter, pillows, pillow cases, etc…

Maybe it is on me for not understanding how beds work, but to be fair I have actually never had a bed frame. To be honest, I don’t really own anything I would consider “adult.” (I eat off plastic tableware) I also decided to buy my first “adult” dishware set. It was quite an overwhelming day.
Also, did you know that you can get a $2 complete breakfast at IKEA. It comes with eggs, sausage and the lingonberry crepes! If you are a member of IKEA family (which is completely free, so why are you not?) then you get a free coffee or tea with your meal. I mean you could potentially just eat at IKEA every morning for $2. You might get fat and I am pretty sure it is powdered eggs, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do…anyways I’ll stop going off on a tangent.
When I got back to my apartment to set up the bed, I got ready to deflate the air mattress, which had been my support system for three years. As I took off the mattress protector, it turns out I made a great decision. It was the same feeling you get on Deal or no Deal when you realize the box you did not choose is revealed to be the penny. There was mold all over the air mattress and topper where I slept every night. Scroll fast if you do not want to see a photo.
If anything it continues to make me wonder how long it will take to “have my life together.” It is only when you “mop” your floor with a make shift swiffer complete with 7/11 Clorox wipes attached, do you think to yourself it may take your whole life. For right now, I am the proud owner of a bed and a dishware set and for me, that is the most accomplished I’ve felt in months. Maybe in the future I can own a mop…or even a vacuum, but let me see how much adulting I feel like doing after taxes.
I also purchased a couch and two chairs for a total of $5 from a co-worker’s auction. (Nothing a little carpet cleaner and vacuum can’t clean) Our place is now filled with tapestries, Spongebob wall stickers, and a mish-mosh of old thrift store furniture. One can say it is really coming together, or that it has “personality.” We are just happy to have places to sit other than the floor.

Our $2 couch
In the next weeks, I’ll start actually writing the script for my TV pilot. After I am finished with that, we write another original TV pilot. Ironically, pilot season is coming around the corner in Hollywood, so I have a feeling all my free time will be gone. At least I can get a better nights sleep on my new mattress.
The best news of all is that the Eagles won the Superbowl! The Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl…sorry just had to say it twice so I could fathom it myself. Along with Alabama winning the national championship, I can say this was the best year of football yet. Although, I know most people would disagree, I am beyond happy!!
I will try my best to keep up with my blog posts more often, but until next time please enjoy this picture of Chad with a cactus stuck in his hand, because I said that I wanted to take one home…

2 responses to “Today I Deflated My Air Mattress (this is also a Patriots joke)”

  1. Loved the new blog! Fly Eagles Fly! My daughter is a sophomore and wants to go to UCLA for screen writing / directing. She is in a media class this year which she is killing it and loving her teacher and loving the class. She is writing scripts for the school news channel.

    All the best, Sal

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  2. So proud of my little bon bon growing into a fine adult 💛


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