Bonnie Gross is an award winning comedy writer and producer with a passion for telling stories around female health care and sexuality. Originally from Philadelphia but now a New York transplant, she earned her Bachelor’s in Media Production from the University of Alabama and completed the UCLA Professional Program for TV Comedy Writing in 2018.

Bonnie was named one of ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2020. She has worked in post-production for several years on numerous television shows at Encore Hollywood and Light Iron. Also, she has written, produced, and edited comedy videos for the media brand, “It’s a Southern Thing,” as well as her own comedy videos on TikTok. She hopes to translate her vast production experiences into making “Lady Parts,” in hopes that it can raise awareness of some of the many painful experiences women face.



  • A Month of Lady Parts

    A Month of Lady Parts

    We can’t experience comedy without knowing tragedy. As I watch the moments of my life on a monitor, I feel all the emotions again. I can feel the sadness, the anger, the humor, the tenderness, or dare I say the phantom limb of my vagina. For the first time, I’m truly processing all of these…

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  • Stand Still

    Stand Still

    I have officially hit the two month mark in LA as of August 17th. It really does not seem as if that much time has passed. I still feel like I moved here a week ago.  Although there is not too much to report, I always enjoy sharing what’s happening in my week. This weekend…

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  • Entry- Level

    Entry- Level

    I have officially lived in LA now for over a month, but I swear it only feels like a couple days. Technically I am now a California resident (I have my new license ID, license plates and angry DMV tweets to prove it). I have been told that my blog posts are getting shorter, but…

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  • Patience Iago

    Patience Iago

    Most of you know the iconic quote, “patience Iago,” from the Disney classic Aladdin. Just when Iago thinks they cannot get a hold of the lamp, Jafar reminds him to be patient. I remember my parents quoting the line every time my sister and I would be inpatient children growing up (and still today). Although…

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  • The First Two Weeks of Adulting

    As you may know from my previous blogs, I have made the leap and moved to Los Angeles with no place to live and no job. With a logline like that I guess I can tell you about how the first two weeks are going. My room mate had been out a week prior to…

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  • The Waiting Place: A Year At Home

    As many of you know, I am moving to Los Angeles today. A month ago, or so I booked a one-way flight in hopes of finding a job in the entertainment industry. I still do not have a place to live or a job, but it is all part of the adventure. I applied to…

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  • We ate Mozart Balls

    After our time in Innsbruck, we took a train to Salzburg. Our first stop was the Hellbrunn Palace, built in 1613 by Markus Sittikus von Hohenems, Prine-Archbishop of Salzburg. Hellbrunn was used as a day residence in summer and is named for the clear spring that supplied it. The palace is famous for its trick fountains.…

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  • The Golden Roof

    The Golden Roof

    From Feldkirch, Austria we took the train to Innsbruck, Austria for the next two days. We were staying in an Air Bnb. Our host was at work during our check-in and therefore could not hand us the keys to his apartment. Logically, he sent us a video through iMessage showing us where he was hiding…

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  • We took bus 11 into Liechtenstein because there was no other way

    After exploring Lucerne, Switzerland, we had to travel to Austria. Although we could have taken a direct train there, we noticed a tiny country (Liechtenstein) in between Switzerland and Austria and decided we should stop and see it. We soon found out how difficult this stop would be. There is no main airport or train…

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  • Lucerne, Switzerland

    On May 19th, my sister and I took a flight to Zurich, Switzerland. We spontaneously booked a cheap flight from Skyscanner (only on our flight home did we find out why it was so cheap, but I will get to that later), and decided to plan a trip around the flight. Our connection was in London.…

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  • The Transitionary Phase

    The Transitionary Phase

    I am currently sitting on the terminal floor of Birmingham airport. I used to find myself here a couple times a year for holidays or doctors visits. This has been one of my longest stretches without flying here. This past Friday I flew to Alabama to visit for the first time since graduating this past…

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