Bonnie Gross is an award winning comedy writer and producer with a passion for telling stories around female health care and sexuality. Originally from Philadelphia but now a New York transplant, she earned her Bachelor’s in Media Production from the University of Alabama and completed the UCLA Professional Program for TV Comedy Writing in 2018.

Bonnie was named one of ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2020. She has worked in post-production for several years on numerous television shows at Encore Hollywood and Light Iron. Also, she has written, produced, and edited comedy videos for the media brand, “It’s a Southern Thing,” as well as her own comedy videos on TikTok. She hopes to translate her vast production experiences into making “Lady Parts,” in hopes that it can raise awareness of some of the many painful experiences women face.



  • A Month of Lady Parts

    A Month of Lady Parts

    We can’t experience comedy without knowing tragedy. As I watch the moments of my life on a monitor, I feel all the emotions again. I can feel the sadness, the anger, the humor, the tenderness, or dare I say the phantom limb of my vagina. For the first time, I’m truly processing all of these…

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  • Walls that stand for peace (Northern Ireland)

    Hey everyone! I have been traveling for an entire week so I will have to split this post into two just to make sure they are not getting too long. The first part of my trip was to Northern Ireland. If you are not sure, it is a separate country from the Republic of Ireland,…

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  • But wait…there’s MOHER

    This past weekend I went with AIFS to the Aran Islands and the Cliffs of Moher. Just wanted to give a quick update before I left for an entire week. On Saturday we took a ferry out to Inis Oirr, the smallest island. We were staying at an adorable B&B. We each got a beautiful…

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  • In Bruges (It is the title of a movie and a city in Belgium)

    For anyone who does not know, Bruges is a small town 30 minutes from the coast in Belgium. It is sometimes called the Venice of Northern Europe because of its various canals that run through the city. For our 2 year anniversary, Dillon and I took a weekend trip here. I won’t get all mushy…

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  • Croatia (Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar and Krka)

    We spent an entire week in Croatia so this blog post will be split up based on the different places we went. First though, I have to mention our train from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia. You can first enjoy this selfie we took on the train. What was supposed to be a 6 hour train…

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  • My house in Budapest…I don’t own one

    We finally arrived in Budapest after our overnight train. Since it was 6am and nothing was open, we resorted to a Starbucks right outside the metro station we got off at. Our next mission was to find Jenn, who was meeting us there. Since she flew in and was walking around early with nothing open, she…

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  • Czech-mate…and a myriad of other Czech puns from Prague

    CZECH FOOD We arrived in Prague around dinner time. After a 2 hour flight, a bus ride and metro ride to get to the Air Bnb, we were exhausted and excited for the start of break. This was my first time doing Air Bnb and I would highly recommend it. It was the same price…

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  • The Fam Jam

    The Fam Jam

    So in case you couldn’t tell from my Facebook page, my parents and sister came to visit this past Friday and are staying until the next Saturday. On Friday we drove straight to the Cliffs of Moher. These are cliffs off the west coast of Ireland near Galway. They are gorgeous and considered a wonder of…

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  • Poland


    I have so much to write about Poland so I am sorry if this blog is really long to read! Ill start from the beginning. On Thursday we flew out of Dublin airport to Wroclaw, Poland. First we had to take a shuttle from the airport to the city center and then walk to our…

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  • Spice up your life!

    Spice up your life!

    Hey everyone! This week at school was Charity Week (Rag Week is what the cool kids call it). There are a bunch of events all week and all proceeds go to charity. What is crazy is that these events are going on during class and there are kids skipping class all day just to participate. (I…

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  • I am a certified Guinness pourer

    Hello everyone! Again, lots to share! I started this weekend in Limerick. I went with my amazing roommates (Shout out to Lizzy and Laura). We started the day near the Milk Market area and stopped into the cheese shop for some ginger tea and a hot cheese plate. The ginger tea was amazing and led…

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