Bonnie Gross is an award winning comedy writer and producer with a passion for telling stories around female health care and sexuality. Originally from Philadelphia but now a New York transplant, she earned her Bachelor’s in Media Production from the University of Alabama and completed the UCLA Professional Program for TV Comedy Writing in 2018.

Bonnie was named one of ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2020. She has worked in post-production for several years on numerous television shows at Encore Hollywood and Light Iron. Also, she has written, produced, and edited comedy videos for the media brand, “It’s a Southern Thing,” as well as her own comedy videos on TikTok. She hopes to translate her vast production experiences into making “Lady Parts,” in hopes that it can raise awareness of some of the many painful experiences women face.



  • A Month of Lady Parts

    A Month of Lady Parts

    We can’t experience comedy without knowing tragedy. As I watch the moments of my life on a monitor, I feel all the emotions again. I can feel the sadness, the anger, the humor, the tenderness, or dare I say the phantom limb of my vagina. For the first time, I’m truly processing all of these…

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  • Street Waffles

    Street Waffles

    I am currently running on zero sleep and no coffee, so sorry if this post is a bit off, but I really wanted to write down everything before I forget! On Friday a group of us took a bus to Dublin airport (3-4 hours away) and then got on a plane to Brussels, Belgium (1…

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  • On Wednesdays we go caving

    On Wednesdays we go caving

    Hey everyone, if you cannot already tell by my Facebook album, I went caving yesterday. (More pictures to come) When I say caving, I mean legit, wet suit, helmet with a flashlight, crawling through caves caving. The Outdoor Pursuits Club offers caving trips most Wednesday nights and it was great craic! (again using the lingo)…

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  • Mingle in Dingle

    Mingle in Dingle

    Hey guys I am sorry that it has taken so long to post again, but there has been so many things going on (not to mention the spotty wifi signal I get everywhere) Ill start with the beginning of the week… Tuesday: It was international food night at Stables. People from different countries bought home…

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  • Finding friends at the local cheese store

    As many of you know…I freaking love cheese. So of course I headed out on Friday morning to the milk market in order to pick up some local favorites. By the time I got there the market was already closing down so I ducked into a local cheese shop to get my fix. (Kinda sounds…

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  • Cooking with no microwave

    I didn’t think I would experience culture shock until it happened. Turns out I have no hot water, a microwave, toaster oven or coffee maker. (I know what you are thinking…first world problems) If any of you know me that well, you know that I cannot cook. My skills included placing things in the microwave…

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  • Freshman year all over again

    Sorry it’s been such a long time, but here are the updates! This past Sunday I had time to walk around the city of Limerick. A bus from campus takes you straight there. I had one of the best meals of life (posted below). It was a beef and Guinness stew! On the side is…

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  • London and the start of Ireland

    So just to update everyone we spent 3 days and 2 nights in London and arrived in Limerick, Ireland safely two days ago. We arrived at the London airport bright and early not knowing a sole trying to find our way through. Once the driver dropped us off at the hotel we wandered around a…

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  • Watch out Nigel Thornberry

    Thanks for following my blog while I am abroad. I just got a GoPro and the straps, so basically I will be that person as I walk around Europe. The good news is that you guys can see what I am seeing without having to walk with me and be embarrassed by the GoPro strapped…

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