• The African Bush Bonnie

    The African Bush Bonnie

    Why must all good things come to an end? Good things must end so they can create space for even greater things to come. To jump off from where we ended last blog, today was our first game drive of the safari adventures. We hopped in an open air van with our driver Mike to… Read more

  • What’s your bush poo telling you

    What’s your bush poo telling you

    The safari part of the trip will be broken into two blogs, since there are just so many animal fun facts to share. As you know I had my notepad at the ready on hikes and safaris, with still so many unanswered questions. Even after writing this post, my poop research continues its streak.  After… Read more

  • Penguins & Wine & Sharks, oh my!

    Penguins & Wine & Sharks, oh my!

    Our next day was spent driving up the scenic coast. Obviously from the name Cape Town, we were driving along the coastal cape filled with beach views. It was crazy to drive through the coast and picture where we were on a map, so far from home at the tip of Africa. We made a… Read more

  • A Birthday For the Books in Cape Town

    A Birthday For the Books in Cape Town

    As I mentioned we only had a day in Johannesburg at the end, so we are skipping to Cape Town, where the trip started. Cape Town is far away from New York and the whole journey took 48 hours, including a long stop over in London. During the stop over I had the chance to… Read more

  • A Complex and Colored History

    A Complex and Colored History

    We share the horrible actions of what is happening at our borders in cages, the attacks on Ukraine, and irreversible effects of climate change on Facebook, and sit back with our rose colored glasses patting ourselves on the back with a job well done. In reality we are just as stagnant as people were 100… Read more

  • Waking up on Mars

    Waking up on Mars

    I spent the majority of my 20s so focused on my goals and what I thought I needed to achieve by certain target ages. None of the targets were hit. Thank god. Every year is like waking up on Mars after falling asleep on Earth, yet somehow it is always where I needed to end… Read more


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