My Bonnie flew over the ocean

I am sorry that I could not write this sooner, but I did not want my sister to find out I was coming home earlier than planned. I ended up surprising her at dinner before her graduation. Now that I am home in Philly again, I wanted to give some last words and reflections. I […]

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In Bruges (It is the title of a movie and a city in Belgium)

For anyone who does not know, Bruges is a small town 30 minutes from the coast in Belgium. It is sometimes called the Venice of Northern Europe because of its various canals that run through the city. For our 2 year anniversary, Dillon and I took a weekend trip here. I won’t get all mushy […]

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Street Waffles

I am currently running on zero sleep and no coffee, so sorry if this post is a bit off, but I really wanted to write down everything before I forget! On Friday a group of us took a bus to Dublin airport (3-4 hours away) and then got on a plane to Brussels, Belgium (1 […]

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