Today I Deflated My Air Mattress (this is also a Patriots joke)

Sorry for not writing any blog posts in the past couple months. I have been a tad busy, starting a new full time job, continuing night classes and trying to maintain everyday life things such as eating and showering. To start, let me give some updates. First of all, I started a new job in […]

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The Final Countdown

Well if you are looking for a way to procrastinate studying for finals and you have already completed all the Buzzfeed quizzes today, then I guess you can read my blog. It has been a good bit since I wrote one of these, so here is what’s going on in my life. Since I had […]

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I Still Sleep On An Air Mattress

Okay so this blog will be a bit more uplifting then my last post I promise! So much has happened this semester that it is hard to even condense everything into one blog post. (I’ll try to go in order) For starters my mom and I drove down to Alabama in one straight shot (14 hours). […]

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