“I believe cities have personalities. They tell a story. They somehow exude a feeling.” Last month I completed a year-long goal, where I would do a new thing that I could only do in Birmingham each week for a year. I called the project “52 things to do in Birmingham,” but shortened it for the […]

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I am Cake. You are Cake. We are Cake.

2020. The year I made a backseat toilet out of an old mixing bowl and duct tape. The year I got adult braces. The year I started doing yoga every day, only to still not be able to touch my toes. I haven’t written a post on here in a long time. I know that […]

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“It was never my grave, it was my garden.”

This time alone has been the most time I’ve spent without human interaction probably ever. Although it’s not my longest time without being able to leave my home (we will see if this lasts longer than 6 weeks). With all this new-found time, I’ve tried so hard to keep busy. I’ve deep cleaned my apartment […]

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