Yes I Only Have $2.00 Today

I realize I have been slacking on my blog posts, but I have just been so busy the past weeks. So, here goes the next one: This past week while eating lunch outside at Sony, I left my purse on a chair. I did not realize I had left my purse there until an hour […]

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Entry- Level

I have officially lived in LA now for over a month, but I swear it only feels like a couple days. Technically I am now a California resident (I have my new license ID, license plates and angry DMV tweets to prove it). I have been told that my blog posts are getting shorter, but […]

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Patience Iago

Most of you know the iconic quote, “patience Iago,” from the Disney classic Aladdin. Just when Iago thinks they cannot get a hold of the lamp, Jafar reminds him to be patient. I remember my parents quoting the line every time my sister and I would be inpatient children growing up (and still today). Although […]

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