I am Cake. You are Cake. We are Cake.

2020. The year I made a backseat toilet out of an old mixing bowl and duct tape. The year I got adult braces. The year I started doing yoga every day, only to still not be able to touch my toes. I haven’t written a post on here in a long time. I know that […]

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Lost in Translation and Toilets

I just returned from a trip to Japan (actually an early return due to the typhoon, but I will get into that later). I will be splitting the blog posts into 3 parts based on locations. This one will be about Tokyo, where we stayed for our first and last nights in Japan. Next will […]

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Lucerne, Switzerland

On May 19th, my sister and I took a flight to Zurich, Switzerland. We spontaneously booked a cheap flight from Skyscanner (only on our flight home did we find out why it was so cheap, but I will get to that later), and decided to plan a trip around the flight. Our connection was in London. […]

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