Lucerne, Switzerland

On May 19th, my sister and I took a flight to Zurich, Switzerland. We spontaneously booked a cheap flight from Skyscanner (only on our flight home did we find out why it was so cheap, but I will get to that later), and decided to plan a trip around the flight. Our connection was in London. […]

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We had just finished up Birthright in Israel and were now headed to Athens. The Birthright trip allows you to extend your stay for up to 3 months. The only catch is that you must fly back out of Tel Aviv. When we landed there were actually a bunch of Birthright kids who were extending […]

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ISRAELI a cool blog

Before I begin sharing all my Israel and Greece adventures I want to give a disclaimer. There are a myriad of political and religious aspects that are included in my blog posts. These are just my opinions and I am hoping to remain unbiased. I am not taking sides, but only relaying what I observed. If you have […]

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