“It was never my grave, it was my garden.”

This time alone has been the most time I’ve spent without human interaction probably ever. Although it’s not my longest time without being able to leave my home (we will see if this lasts longer than 6 weeks). With all this new-found time, I’ve tried so hard to keep busy. I’ve deep cleaned my apartment […]

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Stand Still

I have officially hit the two month mark in LA as of August 17th. It really does not seem as if that much time has passed. I still feel like I moved here a week ago.  Although there is not too much to report, I always enjoy sharing what’s happening in my week. This weekend […]

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Patience Iago

Most of you know the iconic quote, “patience Iago,” from the Disney classic Aladdin. Just when Iago thinks they cannot get a hold of the lamp, Jafar reminds him to be patient. I remember my parents quoting the line every time my sister and I would be inpatient children growing up (and still today). Although […]

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