London and the start of Ireland

So just to update everyone we spent 3 days and 2 nights in London and arrived in Limerick, Ireland safely two days ago. We arrived at the London airport bright and early not knowing a sole trying to find our way through. Once the driver dropped us off at the hotel we wandered around a bit. Everyone arrived at different times so it was hard to coordinate. We all went to a place called the Streaky Gin for dinner and drinks. The night ended super early due to jet lag.

The next day we did a bus tour of London. Not one of those double deckers with the top open though. The bus dropped us off at certain locations while our tour guide told us the history. We went everywhere from Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament and Hyde Park.

Visiting the London royals
Visiting the London royals
AKA the sight of the new Night at the Museum movie.
AKA the sight of the new Night at the Museum movie.

We then had free time where we rode the London Eye. I finally got to use the suction cup on my GoPro. I placed it on the glass and part of the video is on the link below. The view was unbelievable and hard to even show on a camera.

We then went to some pubs and bars that night since we only had one night in London until we flew to Shannon. Something we learned quickly was how expensive London can be. Incase you go just know how much money you will need to spend just on food and transportation.

Finally we landed in Shannon! We live in an off campus housing called Plassey Village. I think it looks like a Keebler Village (you can determine that from the photo below).

Plassey Village
Plassey Village

It feels like I time traveled back to the olden days. We have to turn on the immersion heater 30 minutes prior to a shower in order to get hot water and then turn it off immediately after. Same goes for the heaters. You manually have to turn a knob to turn it on and off. Just to show you the frustration this creates you can enjoy the link below that Limerick sent us about it.

The campus is amazing as well. As anyone would think, the entire campus is green and covered in shrubs with vines overgrowing the buildings. The crazy part is that there are two bars on campus. At any point of the day you can go to the pub and grab some beer. We went a couple times and the atmosphere is awesome, not to mention walking distance to everything. (Don’t worry classes don’t start till Monday)

Also hear are some fun new Irish words:

“Craic”  – Not the drug! It means fun or good time. For example, in a sentence…Where is the craic tonight? (I know it sounds a bit suggestive)

“Cat” – Not just your furry friend! It actually means bad or something that you don’t like. (Might explain why I hate cats so much)

Hopefully I can post more soon!

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